232 pages, softcover 23 x 28 cm (23 x 28 cm)

Magda Danysz

Art from the Streets (Cover version 1 Pantone),2018

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232 pages, softcover

23 x 28 cm (23 x 28 cm)

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Art from the Streets presents the world's most iconic street artists for the first time in Southeast Asia. Tracing 40 years of Street Art, the walls of ArtScience Museum located at the iconic Marina Bay Singapore will be invaded for a period of five months. The exhibition catalog by curator and street art expert Magda Danysz introduces the reader to the most important street artists worldwide and gives an overview to the most important styles and techniques used in the art form. With her own gallery having operated between Shanghai, London and Paris for the last decade, Danysz uses her expertise to also shine a spotlight on urban art in Southeast Asia for the first time.


In addition the catalog will present exciting new talents such as Felipe Pantone whose work is also featured on the book cover. Furthermore new works created especially for the show and featured in the book will illustrate the vitality and diversity of the movement and its relevance today. Featured artists include:
Banksy, Tarek Benaoum, Stéphane Bisseuil, Blade, Crash, Speak Cryptic, D*face, Fab 5 Freddy, FAILE, Shepard Fairey (aka Obey), Futura, JR, L?Atlas, Ludo, M-City, Miss. Tic, Nasty, Eko Nugroho, Felipe Pantone, Quik, Lee Quinones, Blek le Rat, Rero, Remi Rough, André Saraiva, Seen, Seth, Invader, Sten Lex, Tanc, Hua Tunan, Yok & Sheryo, YZ, Zevs and many more. The author:
Curated by street art expert and gallerist Magda Danysz, Art from the Streets reflects the evolution of street art, charting the diverse artistic techniques employed by artists through the decades, and showing how technology has created new expressive avenues for artists. Having run an urban art gallery based in Paris, London and Shanghai, Danysz offers her unique insights from over a decade of experience in Asia.