Galerie Danysz
Galerie Danysz

Promote, support emerging artists and favour a larger access to contemporary art on an international level are Magda Danysz gallery's goals. To achieve it the gallery actively works to offer an always original program, mixing visual art, digital art, urban art... The artists supported by the gallery, for some for a few years now, have now became familiar names, as Miss Van or Obey, in street art, or Ultralab, in digital art, or the leaders of pop surrealism like Ray Caesar and Eric White.Supporting artists from all horizons, Magda Danysz has always placed herself in constant search of multidisciplinarity. Persuaded that the world of art is in constant change, she is thus committed to democratize contemporary art by making her gallery a friendly place of discoveries.

Conscious that promotion of the emerging scene is necessary, Magda Danysz took part in many fairs such as for example Art Brussels, Arte Fiera in Bologna, Artissima in Torino, Fiac in Paris or Pulse in New York, and is one of the four galleries at the origin of the Show Off Paris art fair.

The gallery also works a lot on curatorial projects and collaborations with foreign galleries as for instance in Los Angeles and New York. In addition, Magda Danysz is also member of the board of the Cube, the main French digital art cultural center.


Magda Danysz
Sophie Duhamel
Stéphane Guerreiro
Clémence Demolling
Marie-Louise Barthout
Léa Borg
Alexandre Gobin
Pauline Comte
Mathilda Mony-Richard

Danysz Gallery - Paris
78 rue Amelot Paris 11
P. + 33 (0)1 45 83 38 51

Open from Tuesday to Saturday, 11AM - 7PM


Meng Yu
Fiona Chan
Felicie Le Blan
Michael Lim
Wei Lai
Shang Ting

Danysz Gallery - Shanghai
256 Beijing East Road
x Jiangxi Road
T. +86 021-63331016

Open daily from 10AM to 6PM except sundays from noon to 6PM


Armelle Loeb
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