Hard Core

2 Dec 2017 - 13 Jan 2018

Abdul Rahman Katanani, a teenager, has developed his artistic sense through caricature, criticism and commitment, which continues to influence his work, as he says "the best border is no border". His inspiration also comes from such as Vermeer, in the very same desire to freeze everyday scenes ; Yves Klein, whose iconic blue color, is recognizable and decomposed as the barbed wire in Katanani?s work ; Robert Rauschenberg, with the cumulative and historical forms in his collages and paintings. These days, Katanani focuses on the desire for emancipation and the search for freedom that he advocates through education, culture and art. There are ways of resistance and resilience. "The concept of freedom is about me living in motion." The movement found in his works is constant with the circles, the whirlwinds and the waves. He continues to reinterpret, with his narrative force, the world as he perceives it to extract universal questions: origins, inequalities, constraints, freedom or confinement.

The Danysz Gallery organizes for the first time in France an exhibition of the artist composed of unveiled pieces. Katanani discovered Paris during a visit to the Cité Internationale des Arts in 2014. Hard core is made in collaboration with the gallery Analix Forever in Geneva and with the support of the Vent des Forêts art center. On Saturday, December 2nd, the day of the opening of the exhibition, the gallery is also happy to launch the Hard Core book published by the Analix Forever Gallery with the texts by Christophe Donner, Nicolas Etchenagucia, Barbara Polla, Pascal Yonet and Paul Ardenne.