2 Sep - 7 Oct 2017

James MCNAAB                2 to 24 September 2017
Galerie Magda Danysz    78 rue Amelot, Paris
                                              M° Saint Sébastien Froissart
Inauguration:                    Saturday 2 September
Tel.:                                      + 33 (0)1 45 83 38 51
Press:                                 Clémence Wolff +33 (0)1 43 57 79 78

James McNabb invites us to immerse ourselves in city sceneries stretched in an artistic movement towards the infinite. McNabb?s sculptures refer to the amazing possibilities offered to the cities inhabitants. Exhibited for the very first time in France, McNabb introduces his most recent wooden sculptures. The artist?s artworks explore the unlimited possibilities of the urban landscape and our relationship with it.
McNabb?s work invites us to play along and imagine our own city. He sets off imagination through the almost sociological exploration of moving life, the lively activity that characterizes actual cities and the multiple dreams that each one of us can realize there. McNabb offers to take a step back and sit down for a while to meditate and contemplate its frozen beauty.
Wood is McNabb?s favorite material. It is lively by essence and solid once it?s crafted. The artist?s long and meticulous experience helps him to explore the infinite possibilities offered by wood carving and sculpture.

Nourishing a conscious approach, McNabb uses recycled resources he collects in the collaborative studio where he has established his workshop. The perfect and utopian cities modeled by the artist are in fact made from disregarded waste our world produces nowadays by the ton.

James McNabb is a young and promising artist presented by Magda Danysz who is always looking for new emerging talents. As such, McNabb presents his first solo show in France, after his first step last year with his participation to the Knock on wood group show and the Luxemburg art fair. With these unreleased and totally new art pieces, the artist opens up on a reflexive and poetic urban journey.

James McNabb grew up in the New Jersey. As a child, he was looking at the skyscrapers of New York, this magical city and symbol of power all around the world. Today, James McNabb lives and works in Philadelphia in a converted U.S. Post Office building. His works take abstract architectural forms representing urban landscapes, at the crossroads between design, architecture and urbanism.