Vanishing Point, 2009

Vanishing Point, 2009
HD video, color, stereo
16:9, 10'32''

Born in 1959 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA.
Lives and works in New York, USA.

A graduate of the Moore College of Art, Janet Biggs also earned a Masters degree from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Janet Biggs is interested in extreme situations and people engaged in these situations, observes and films with almost scientific attention, inviting us to follow and experience their extraordinary experiences. In its mysterious theaters, the sublime, the music, the documentary and an aesthetic of collage reveal a vast emotional semiology. The videos of Janet Biggs are superlative junctions between worlds as different as the crazy speed achieved by the US national speed champion Leslie Porterfield (Vanishing Point), twice named "the fastest woman in the world" on the salt lake in Bonneville (Utah) and the gospel songs in New York of a choir of people in rehabilitation for addiction. The chorus sings "Help me to fly" and the extreme concentration of Leslie Porterfield seems suddenly carried by this song to the glory of transcendence. A song from a distance but so close.

Janet Biggs has recently presented several solo exhibitions, including 2015 at the Blaffer Art Museum in Houston and in 2016 at the SCAD Museum of Arts in Savannah. She has also participated in numerous exhibitions in Europe and in particular at the Musée d'art contemporain in Lyon.

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