Zèbre devant une épave, 2015

Zèbre devant une épave, 2015
Surreal Black and White Wildlife
127x91 cm

Jan Gulfoss Surreal Black and White Wildlife (Zèbres devant une épave) 127x91 cm, ed. /10

Jan Gulfoss was born in the Netherlands, 14 November 1957.


Jan Gulfoss spent his childhood and youth exploring nature, drawing birds and recording their songs. After moving to France at the age of sixteen, he matriculated in law before studying art at the famous Villa Arson School in Nice, from 1979 to 1984.


His drawings were first exhibited in 1981. Around that time, he also met Christo and Peter Greenaway. He then embarked on a journey of artistic and scientific discovery, working at the Natural History Museum, in zoos and especially at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, which he considers his « second studio ». He examined time, studied biology and produced videos. He employed state-of-the-art techniques such as 3D rendering, explored frequencies, created compositions with animals and objects, and documented decomposing fruits and animals in drawings.


Following a fire that destroyed his studio in 2007, Jan Gulfoss decided to broaden his horizons and began to travel. He carefully planned his journey as a series of expeditions worthy of the great early-twentieth century explorers. He has trekked among the glaciers and volcanoes of Iceland in his Lotus, discovered the hidden monasteries of Bhutan and ventured as far as Tasmania and the polar circle. He has recorded the sound of silence, analysed the frequencies of whale songs and Buddhist chants, and learned to play the didgeridoo with Australian aborigines. And everywhere he goes, he passionately draws, photographs and films what he sees.

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