Street Generation(s)

40 years of street art

30 Mar - 9 Jul 2017

ARTISTS : André, A-One, Ash, Banksy, Tarek Benaoum, Blek le Rat, C215, Crash, Dface, Dondi, Dran, Faile, Shepard Fairey (Obey), Futura, Keith Haring, Jay, Jef Aerosol, JonOne, JR, Katre, Kaws, L'Atlas, Ludo, Barry Mc Gee, Miss. Tic, Mode 2, Steve More, Nasty, Os Gemeos, Psy, Quik, Ramellezee, Remi Rough, Rero, Seen, Skki, Space Invader, Sten Lex, Swoon, Tanc, Vhils, Jacques Villeglé, Nick Walker, West, YZ, Zevs, Zhang Dali, Zlotykamien, etc.

PHOTOS BY : Stephane Bisseuil, Ian Cox, Yoshi Omori

CURATOR : Magda Danysz


Today, street art is undoubtedly one of the most important artistic movements stemming from the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century.


Through the works of 50 celebrated artists, created specially for the exhibition or from private collections, in situ and outdoor presentations and archives document, the Street Generation(s) exhibition gives a complete overview of this vibrant movement. A show previously unseen in France as up to today this show is the largest on the subject presented in France.


From cave paintings to the Italian Renaissance by way of Pompeii, where electoral candidates painted their names on city walls, not to mention Chinese dazibao, graffiti as a medium of artistic expression and communication seems timeless. In one form or another graffiti appears and reappears throughout history and across civilizations.


However, a new era of graffiti began in the second half of the 20th century and started to take off at the end of the 1970?s, spreading throughout the world. Nurtured by urban rhythms of cities as varied as New York, Paris, Rio and Sydney, the movement?s protagonists have developed a global visual culture and ethos that are constantly being reinvented. Forty years later, this movement we call graffiti, street art, or urban art is seen as a rich artistic movement, constantly in flux and yet coherent.

The young artists of yesteryear have become accomplished artists and inspire whole new generations. In turn, the new generations push the limits of this art movement and invent fresh variations and forms. Street Generation(s) retraces this history.

#streetgenerations @laconditionpublique

Supported by Fondation Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe.


14, Place Faidherbe, Roubaix
Tram, metro: Eurotéléport station
Liane 4, Bus 33 - V?Lille: la Condition Publique station


On show from March 31st to June 1
Wednesday to Sunday, 1pm to 7pm
Open late until 10pm on Saturday April 8, Saturday May 13, Friday May 19,   Saturday May 20, and Saturday June 17

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