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Vhils on the GS1 building

1 Feb 2017

in DESIGNBOOM Magazine

Vhils carves into concrete with bas-relief composition on GS1 portugal HQ in Lisbon

by Nina Azzarello

Images by Fernando Guerra

Vhils, the alias of portugese artist Alexandre Farto, has completed a high-relief composition on the façade of the GS1 portugal headquarters in Lisbon. Vhils? work ? photographed here by Fernando Guerra ? has been integrated into the architecture of the site, which has seen a complete overhaul by promontorio architects over the past two years. On a system of 49 pre-moulded concrete panels fixed to the building on three sides, the artist has inscribed an intricate, bas-relief illustration that changes in character as it interacts with the sun over the course of the day.