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Only One Story, 2017

Only One Story, 2017
HD video, color, stereo

Born in 1963 in Haifa, Israel.
Lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Graduated from the Academy of Arts in Bezalel (Jerusalem) and the Pratt Institute in New York, Lee Yanor received a master's degree from the Paris 8 University in 1993.

Lee Yanor is a photographer and video artist. Through her artistic practice, she studies the deep essence of femininity and explores the relationship between body and space, with a special interest in the expressive language of dance. His film Coffee with Pina, which singularly shows the exclusive appointment of Lee Yanor and choreographer Pina Bausch, was presented in a series of prestigious film festivals around the world. More than being faithful to the choreography, this film links the flow of images to the flow of energy of the choreographer - and the videographer.

Yanor has exhibited at the Zemack Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv (2015); at the Jewish Theater, Stockholm (2010); at the Heder Gallery, Tel Aviv (2008); Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan (2007); Ramat Gan Museum for Israeli Art, Ramat Gan (2000); and at the Center Pompidou, Paris (1994)....

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