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Avec ce désir pour seul bagage, 2013

Avec ce désir pour seul bagage, 2013
Hand creased papers
242 x 318 cm

Gianfranco Botto e Roberta Bruno were born in 1963 and 1966 and live in Torino, Italy. The urban landscapes of Gianfranco Botto and Roberta Bruno start from the on-site inspection of realities common to the peripheries of many Italian cities. Abandoned factories, crumbling schools, and empty, desolate places are invariable characteristics of the "diffuse" city; the contemporary metropolis that develops without rules, leaving behind anonymous spaces often sites of violence. It's hard to make a decent life for oneself in these marginal areas, far from the historic city-centers with their wealth of monuments and the high quality and character of their urban fabric. The non-places of the periphery are spaces without identity, terrains vagues between isolated building episodes.

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