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6 Sep - 29 Oct 2017

From September 06th till October 29th, 2017, the Maison Europpéenne de la Photographie in Paris dedicates an exhibition to the photographer and performer Liu Bolin. This retrospective is made around four main topic presented in the artwork's artist : policy and censorship, tradition and chinese culture, consumer society and freedom of expression.

"I decided to blend into the background. Some people would say that I disapear in the landscape. I would say that it's the environment which seizes me."

It is with the serie Hiding in the City in 2005 that Liu Bolin blends himself covered of painting in the rubbles of his studio, located in an artists' district shaved by the Chinese government. His works with a certain informer aim, mix photography, sculpture, body art. Called the invisible man, Liu Bolin hides himself behind multiple decorations, the monuments, the landscapes or even the places of the everyday, without any digital special effect but the only help of his painters-assistants. Then, the photography freezes the performance.