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Body and Soul

1 Jul - 8 Oct 2017

Zhang Dali (Harbin, 1963) is a performance artist, graffiti artist and sculptor, from the Peoples Republic of China. In the 1990s when, in terms of economics, China started to become increasingly open to capitalism, there came about more room for - and a greater desire for - freedom of expression. It was in this period that Zhang Dali became an important figure in the Chinese art world.

The successful artist Zhang Dali does not limit himself to a single medium. He paints, sculpts, and gives performances. He has not only developed a highly individual artistic language that is extremely interesting to collectors and art-lovers, he is also a champion of the humanity and compassion that is sometimes sorely lacking in the hard lives of millions of Chinese.


Museum Beelden aan Zee
Harteveltstraat 1
2586 EL  Den Haag
The Netherlands

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