Book, 182 pages 28 x 24 cm
Book, 182 pages 28 x 24 cm
Book, 182 pages 28 x 24 cm
Book, 182 pages 28 x 24 cm
Book, 182 pages 28 x 24 cm

Felipe Pantone

Dynamic Phenomena,2018


Book, 182 pages

28 x 24 cm

Edition of 190 copies

49 $


Felipe Pantone's "Dynamic Phenomena" covers extensively the artisst evolution from his beginings until today. Highly documented with images from both outside murals or projects and artworks, it show the artist's diversity.



The book collect more than 100 images and texts describing the style and the techniques of the young Argentinian Spanish artist Felipe Pantone. Felipe Pantone's work is at the cutting edge of street art. Straddling conventional graffiti, typography and abstraction, his work fuses bold elements of graphic design with highly evolved geometric shapes to create an ultramodern aesthetic which complements and reacts with the stark modernity of our cityscapes. Pantone explores the subversive potential of undermining artistic, scientific and electronic languages by practicing hybridization, betting on impurity and the contagion of typographical, figurative and abstract media. Dynamism and transformation are the vehicles that Felipe Pantone utilizes to describe the strong sense of self-awareness and his connection with our time. He says ''the most beautiful thing in art is not the finished piece, but the path to the result: the problems you face, the quest for solutions, the unknown factors, the mysteries and the street allows me to discover and appreciate this process better.''